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How I dreamed about green wall paint for nights (in love with green part II)

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Sometimes things don't go as we planned and even if that maybe upset us we need to except the change and adapt to it.

This is a story about one of my latest projects, 50 m 2 apartment for rent. My initial design (Coral blue and beach motives ) went trough so many small changes and even I know it is perfectly normal for design to change its direction every change wanted new way of thinking and extra hours of sourcing.

None of these changes didn't upset me as a phone call I got from wall painter on day when I was in hospital and gave birth to my third child two days ago. Hi Daria, there was a problem with the wallpaper in the hallway. It was getting ripped off when we were placing it on the wall.

3 D visualization with wallpaper

Grrrrh. What now? Is it problem with the quality of wallpaper, or that wall or the painter. It doesn't matter mistakes are happening but I felt stuck.(Few months later I saw same wallpaper on the wall somewhere on internet so the quality definitely wasn't the problem).

What shall I do now? I need something on that wall, everything is white and grey and that wall in hallway is perfect for wallpaper and some textures. Must admit I got scared. What if I order another wallpaper and the same thing happens? The apartment was almost finished, delivery takes time. Wall painters are not available all the time, shall we cross the deadline waiting for new wallpaper to come. So many question marks above my head.

I put that issue on the side for few days and focused on other things such as rug. My proposed rug was out of stock and then client saw one with blue, grey and green color tones. It was great and I instantly got inspiration. Let's use that rug and let's paint that wall in hallway in green tone and we will achieve balance and harmony.

Before this decision I always thought that picking paint for wall is easy even tough I learned in my exams that there are so many different paints, so many different tones and shades and that even if the paint looks good on paper or on computer it can totally be different in space.

Caparol 3D system tone samples

I took Caparol 3D system color samples and picked Malachite but since I overthink everything (my husband says I have a hamster in my head whom is spinning his wheel all the time :-)))) and wanted to be sure in my decisions I bought one bucket of that paint and tried it on the metal storage wardrobe I have on my terrace. Not to mention that my husband started to tease me that now everything in our house is going to be green :-)))).

Oh my God. That tone is OK but on this wall it will be disaster. For the next few days all I was thinking was a how to pick perfect green wall paint. Finally decision fall on Patina 40 tone.

It was a decision made after I repainted my outdoor storage closet, fridge and few of other things in house (my husband was right :-)))).

Well, you can find something good in every bad situation :-).

When I finally saw that wall painted I was thrilled.

Apartment for rent in blue green color scheme

This design didn't turned out as I first imagined but I am pretty satisfied with the final result and I learned some things along the way.

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