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That simplicity is a smart choice when it comes to home decoration is best confirmed by black and white interiors that, regardless of fashion trends, steal attention and offer elegance that lasts forever. The beauty of this duet in the interior is precisely in their contrast. White gives an elegant look and airiness, while black adds a dramatic and sensual note to any story. In addition, the white tones visually make the space bigger, while the black ones give that finishing touch to the whole story. We bring you a few ideas on how to combine a black and white combination in your home.

Most of the hallways have mostly white walls and white doors, so break the monotony of that room by combining smaller pieces of furniture in black and interesting wallpaper in black and white.

Black and white wallpapers look extravagant and original. In this case, choose a geometric pattern, elements of nature or even wildlife. Fantasy and creativity are welcome. A black mirror of simple lines and a white console table will look fantastic on such a striking wallpaper.

White kitchens have been a trend in interiors for a long time and by choosing a white kitchen you will certainly not make a mistake nor will you get bored for a certain period of time. Why not break the monotony of white with contrasting black tiles or by adding the upper elements in black . If you add wood decor to your combination, you have added a touch of warmth to your kitchen .

And if you are one of those who are deprived of the fear of black in the interior and want a black kitchen, but you are tormented by the question of whether too much black on one wall will darken your space too much, choose the lower elements in black and choose open ones instead white shelves. Marble white tiles and handles in gold color will add a touch of luxury to this kitchen .

Black and white kitchen with luxury touch

Most of you will choose white furniture if it is a small bedroom, but with the right choice of fabrics of different patterns, you can make your white room a very interesting space. Dare and combine different geometric patterns on pillows or curtains.

Geometric patterns in bedroom

Statement walls give homes a dose of character, and if you are planning such one in your bedroom, it can also be in the form of black and white wallpaper with a dot pattern. Warm this monotonous combination by adding yellow. Black and white are neutral colors, so you can combine them with any other color. Pillows in a warm color such as orange or yellow are enough to complete the impression and bring a little warmth to the bedroom.

When it comes to monochromatic home decoration, you will achieve warmth by inserting wood and combining different textures. In such combinations, even rooms with a wall in black will give the impression of warmth.

Black and white bedroom with wood

The use of glass in black and white interiors will further emphasize the elegance of the space. Glass as a transparent material will retain the desired color, but also introduce sophistication so that the glass dining table will fit perfectly into your black and white dining room. The black and white interior does not exclude a wide range of colors, so you can soften the contrast with the help of gray details. Glossy surfaces, mirrors and glass will fit perfectly into the decor of the room because their use is one of the ways to visually expand the space.

And while you don't have to think about which color of armchair or sofa to choose because you have already decided on your colorful combination, make sure to give your living room its final touch. Contrast has already been achieved by combining these two colors, and pillows in zebra and cheetah pattern will sit perfectly on a white sofa of simple lines. A marble coffee table, gold details and even some silver decoration are there to give your living room a luxurious note.

Animal pattern
Gold metal finishes for warmth and luxury feeling

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