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"It is the most wonderful time of the year" Although this "strange" 2020. this most beautiful time of the year looks much different from what we are otherwise accustomed to Christmas is still in our hearts and more than ever in our homes. If you are one of those who enjoy decorating your home for the holidays and you want every corner to "smell" like Christmas, in addition to the pine trees and wreaths on your door, pay attention to your holiday table. We bring you a few ideas on how to decorate a holiday table, and take care of the "menu" yourself.


Gold goes well with black, red, pink, blue, gray, and white so you won’t have a problem combining this color. Gold candle holders, cutlery or just gold ribbons are one way to add a little more glamorous style to your table.

SERVE YOUR GUESTS A LITTLE THING Surprise your guests with a small gift such as a nicely wrapped chocolate or some other little thing. Guests will be delighted with the little thing, and your perhaps ordinary white plates will get a new twist.

BRING SENSE OF WARMTH WITH CANDLES Candlesticks are ideal as a Christmas decoration on the table, and you can use one or two large candlesticks in the middle of the table or place more simple candlesticks of different sizes. Add scented candles in a glass, a few decorations and a pine balls and your table will exude elegance and glamour.


You can also decorate the holiday table with handmade cardboard decorations. All you need is harder paper, gold and silver marker, and satin ribbons in gold, silver or as desired. Play around and make cute wrestlers and stars, and personalized and simple napkin rings or cup tags for your loved ones.


You can also find decorations for your holiday table in nature. Pine, cypress and bangs will certainly not go out of fashion when it comes to holiday decorations, and your home budget will not suffer either.


If you like traditional holiday home decoration, then red is an indispensable addition to your holiday table. Decorate your table with artificial or natural green twigs, occasional bangs and small gold and red decorations.

MINIMALISM If typical holiday colors like red and green aren’t for you and you want something more modern and monochrome, then we have a suggestion for you. An elegant silver candlestick, scented candles in a glass and the addition of an elegant black color and your simple but effectively decorated table will definitely come to the fore. In this case, you don't even need a tablecloth!

USE ORNAMENTS FROM YOUR PINE TREE Although we are used to seeing balls on a pine tree, they can also be used to decorate the rest of the home, so you can definitely use them when decorating your table.

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