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With a little imagination and creativity, mirrors can do wonders. With them you can visually expand the interior, but also make it brighter if there is not enough natural light. If they have an interesting frame, they can act like some kind of artwork, and if you choose a striking model, you can be sure that it will elevate the whole room. A good place for mirrors are certainly hallways and hallways. In addition to its practical purpose (it will serve to look at yourself before you leave the house) the mirror will often give the necessary light in one of the darkest rooms in your house. If you have a long and narrow hallway, you can visually expand it or give it depth with the help of a mirror.

You can place the mirrors on one of the walls or put them on the closet door in your hallway.

Visually enlarging the space is one of the many advantages of mirrors. If your dining room is located in a narrow and cramped space, place a mirror along the entire wall and you will create a feeling of depth and airiness in your space.

Mirrors are not only reserved for interiors, you can also take advantage of them on enclosed terraces.

Move the view that extends from your window to your bedroom by placing a closet with a mirror opposite the window. Of course provided you are satisfied with that same view.

Think of mirrors as well as wall decorations. Group together mirrors of various sizes and shapes of similar design and you will get a great accent wall in your apartment.

You have given a personal touch to your bedroom by choosing the perfect wallpaper, but the view from your bed is monotonous and empty. Why not place a dressing table and a decorative mirror above it. In addition to being able to fix your makeup in peace the mirror will reflect the wallpaper and you won’t have to look for another art image.

One of the great ways to style your dresser or console table is just a mirror. Place a rectangular or round mirror above the dresser or coffee table, add a few decorative vases or a candlestick and you will get a beautiful corner worth admiring.

You can’t find a suitable art painting that will adorn the wall in your living room. Choosing a decorative mirror of appropriate dimensions that will surely draw attention to yourself can solve your doubts.

Experiment and find out for yourself where it will look best in your home. You may be surprised at how different a space can look just with the help of a mirror.

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