In love with green part I

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Right now I am in phase of being totally crushed in green.If it lasts good if not green and I had wonderful time together.

I will probably write post one day about my flat and experimenting with colors and how green helped me achieving harmony in my surrounding (how my husband was rolling eyes when I bought bucket of green color :-))))))) but now I want to tell you more about this look in photo below.

1. Branagh green velvet corner sofa, UK, 2.Haku coffee table, brass and smoked glass, UK, 3. Kooper accent armchair, UK, 4.Bow arch floor lamp, UK, 5. Black Trellis wool rug,, 6.Wall art, UK,7. Plush velvet Cushio, Barker and , 8. Geo Cushion Yellow, Barker and, 9. Gold leaf ornament, Barker and, 10. Shiny metal vase, Barker and, 11. Green vase, Barker and

My clients gave me floor plan and said be creative and design something.Try to make luxury look but don't overreact so that we don't pay the sofa for the rest of our lives.

Grey marble tiles were already in apartment so wood textures were eliminated.

Neutral black and white.That is it, it will work well with marble tiles, I will use white marble counter top in kitchen (luxury look).

Gold. Yes. Gold will give some warmness and luxury look.But, I need some color just to make it interesting little bit. Lucky for me, green is trendy so there are so many decorative objects with green (try to find now red chance,at least I didn't saw any in hours of sourcing).

Found posters with palm leaves so double green (color and nature). Gold leaf wallpaper, great luxury and nature in one wall. Sofa was supposed to be neutral black leather or grey fabric. It was on 3D visualization it will work well. My design and my render was changed visiting stores with my client and finding matching furniture. I saw green velvet sofa (perfect, but I just looked at it and said to myself stay silent,you didn't proposed it there is no chance she will buy green sofa).

What do you think about this sofa? Try to stay cool Daria, said to myself. It will be great I said so calmly but inside my heart was blooming. Her buying that sofa made my day. That is it. And surely it will add final touch on overall design scheme. When her husband heard we bought green sofa said you two are not normal :-))). Have faith I said. Few weeks later sofa came and he was thrilled.I even painted in green one wall in theirs another apartment but it wasn't on purpose ahaha (torment about that wall in another post).

Green velvet sofa

Here is that green velvet sofa that made my day.

Velvet material gave warm feeling, green color provide feeling of calmness and my nature element in design was completed (leaves on wall art, gold leaf wallpaper).

You can't go wrong with green. It is the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, and is associated with growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and positive environment.Simply, green represents nature and putting some nature elements in interior (like plants) will give life to interior. Green is the color that can easily match with any style.

If you want to shop the specific items from this luxe green and gold scheme design and add some touch of green click on the photos above or just put some plants in your house :-).


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