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Marble Surface
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When it comes to white, there are many positive characteristics of its use in bedrooms. The white color makes the whole space brighter and more airy, visually enlarges it and will fit perfectly into almost any style of decoration. However, too much white can make your space monotonous and boring. Since the bed is the central place of your bedroom, we bring you tips on how you can make your white bedroom interesting by emphasizing only one wall, the one above your bed.

Place the headboard of the bed along the entire length of the wall, and paint the wall above in light tones of beige or gray. This will achieve contrast and your room will still remain bright and airy. If you opt for a marble pattern on the headboard, you will also bring a touch of glamor into your bedroom.

You can cover the existing one-color headboard with self-adhesive foil with a marble pattern and the effect will be the same, and your home budget will not suffer much damage.

If you are afraid that the pattern on the headboard will quickly bore you, put an interesting wallpaper above the monochrome headboard. The wallpaper will emphasize that part of the room and will surely capture the attention.

Do you like patterns, but aren't you ready to painstakingly take off the wallpaper that bored you one day? Play around and paint the wall yourself with different geometric shapes. In addition to breaking the monotony of the white bedroom, you will be proud of your unique wall.

You can also emphasize the wall above the bed by placing art paintings, framed posters or decorative mirrors.

If you choose a bed with a highly upholstered velvet headboard and a decorative mirror in gold, your room will get an airy but also luxurious look. Add to that curtains and pillows in yellow and you will bring sun and warmth into the space.

Not a fan of colors? Break the monotony of your white room with details in contrasting black.

Place symmetrically two tall mirrors with a black frame above the nightstands, and complete the space in between with your favorite family photos in black and white.

If you are the owner and lover of furniture in shabby chic style, deviate from the rules of that style and paint the wall above the bed in anthracite gray. Add a headboard made of wooden planks that you made yourself and your room will shine with a whole new glow.

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