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Green is new white (in love with green part III)

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Few years ago painting whole bedroom in dark color and adding wallpaper in the same space would never crossed my mind. It probably has a lot to do with lack of courage. Well, I am happy that I am braver now because these walls delight me.

I know that green goes great together with yellow and blue (in two of earlier projects we combined green sofa with yellow accents and green feature wall with blue decorations) but this time I wanted to try something new.

Since color is the most powerful tool for designers just wanted to use another one color to add variaty. So, I used blush pink and even I admit that I am not huge fan of that color I am so thrilled how these two colors go together.

When using cool colors such as blue, green or purple it is always good to add some warmth to space by using gold accents (lucky for me gold metal is now trendy so I had no trouble in finding beautiful statement mirror or these excellent ceiling pendant).

I adore mirrors and try to use them as much as possible. This gorgeous brass mirror had its mission to reflect wallpaper from the opposite wall so when you think about it deeper it is not only mirror it is the illusion of wallart.

Wallpaper is a story for itself. I am glad that wallpapers are back in interiors. They are perfect way to add interest in any space and now with new technology even in bathrooms ( from Croatia already mastered that stuff and I am sure I am going to use one of theirs wallpapers in my future projects).

This Autora Palm wallpaper with simple yet effective design gave a tropical vibe to this bedroom and in another post I will show you how it saved me from extra hours of sourcing.

If you like this design you can click on photos above and it will get you to these specific products.


I use affiliate links in this post which means I earn a little commission when you buy products using this links. That simply means that I can continue to write this blog.

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