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5 simple ways to freshen up your space

You are dissatisfied with the look of your own home, you want a change, but your home budget cannot afford such large expenses as a complete renovation. Don't despair, we bring you 5 simple and acceptable ways to freshen up your home.


They occupy the largest area in your apartment and need special attention. One of the quick, effective and cheap ways you can give a new and fresh look to your home is color. Color will bring atmosphere to your space and define style.

If you decide to emphasize only one wall in a dark color, you will bring a dose of drama, and the details on it (paintings, shelves, mirrors and decorations) will come to the fore and make it aesthetically interesting.

Another way to decorate the walls are wallpapers, which, in addition to decorating bedrooms and living rooms, have recently become more and more used in bathrooms.

You can cover one or more walls with wallpaper, and you can play around a bit, frame them with decorative stucco and thus get a unique work of art above your couch or bed.

When choosing, take into account the quality, but also the pattern that is desirable to fit into your chosen style.


Although we live in a consumer society in which we tend to lightly discard old items, it is still worth considering whether we can give wooden furniture a new look. In addition to saving money, you will create an original piece of furniture that you will surely be proud of.

Old wooden furniture must first be sanded (use various granulations of sandpaper or an electric sander). Then fill all cracks and damage with wood putty, and only then apply a new coat of varnish. Choosing water-based varnishes will speed up the drying process, and the use of such varnishes is less harmful.

If you decide to renovate an old closet or dresser, in addition to the color, changing the handles or legs of the furniture will introduce a small but very significant change.


The special atmosphere and warmth of your home will certainly give the right choice of decorative fabrics. Upholster old dining chairs or armchairs, add decorative pillows to your couch, change the curtains and your living room will shine.

When it comes to bedrooms, only a change of bedding can make a big and cheap change. The possibilities of using fabric in interiors are numerous, so those who are more creative can dare to create works of art from the remains of old fabric.


Organize your pictures on the floor or table before driving nails into the wall. One of the basic rules when placing pictures on walls is to place the center of the picture at eye level. Another important rule is that the size of the picture hung above the furniture should not be wider than the furniture, and ideally the wall decorations should occupy 2/3 of the width of the furniture above which they are placed.

If you do not have large images then you can also group several smaller ones as one whole. In doing so, take care of their spacing. When we talk about wall decoration, in addition to paintings, your walls can also be decorated with metal decorations, macrame, old plates and even the aforementioned fabric.

Mirrors on the walls have a special power, in addition to their decorative role, the functional ones also reflect light, and if you place them above your dresser or console, you will get a special decorative corner.


Last but not least are the decorations that decorate your shelves or tables. Before you tap into your savings, look around and take a good look at the decorations on your shelves. If the color and style fit into your decorating style, but for some reason looking at them does not give you pleasure, they may just be placed in the wrong place. Part of the decorations can be incorporated into your style only by changing the color. There are a large number of sprays on the market with which you can quickly and efficiently rearrange an old vase, a decorative figurine or a beautiful bowl.

When making your special decorations, you can also use empty glass bottles, jugs and even an empty coffee can. Books can also adorn your shelves. Choose your favorite reading material with a nice cover and show your guests who you really are.

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