Home staging

Home staging is decorating that is designed to showcase the best features of the house to impress potential buyers for a quick sale.

Why stage your home?

  1. Dress to impress. Staging your home is similar to dressing for success. You dress to impress so why shouldn’t your house? Home staging will make your home look it’s best to potential buyers, especially if other houses on the market are not staged. Your staged listing will stand out on MLS.

  2. Quicker sale. With a staged home, your house is visually more appealing than other houses on the market. It allows for buyers to envision the potential of a home. Staged homes showcase its full potential, highlight its strengths, minimize the impact of its faults and enhances potential buyer’s’ ability to connect with the property and see themselves living in it.

  3. Ideal sale price. Statistics show that staged houses sell for a better price than houses not staged. When you are staging your home, you are enhancing the potential of your home and therefore increasing likelihood of receiving what you listed your house for or even selling for more than the asking price. The longer your home is listed on the market, the less you are expected to receive for the selling price.

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